Activities Activities demonstrate weaving and spinning at fairs, schools, meetings, and festivals throughout middle Tennessee.

Fiber to Fabric

The Tennessee Association of Craft Fairs presents a three-day fair that draws approximately 30,000 spectators and shoppers to Nashville's Centennial Park.  By showing people how handwoven fabrics and handspun yarns and threads are created, the Guild helps preserve a piece of our cultural heritage, as well as helping people appreciate one-of-a-kind work of creative hands.

The Guild participates in other demonstrations at schools, historic homes, scout meetings, festivals and fairs throughout middle Tennessee.  To request a demonstration for your school or group and to learn about upcoming demonstrations contact

Special interest study groups often form within the Guild. Recent groups studied and created: poppana (a type of rag weaving), double weave, towels, weaving for garments, collapse weave and differential shrinkage.

For more information on Activities please contact  You can also visit us on  Facebook at Handweavers Guild of Nashville.